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Depron thermal insulation

Depron energy efficient internal thermal insulation

Depron is one of the most efficient indoor thermal insulation material of the world.

Depron energiatakarékos belső hőszigetelésThe energy efficiency is more and more important for you..

In the sake of energy efficiency mainly the outdoor/external thermal insulation is applied on the houses. The complete external insulation of a house is a significant investment due to the scaffolding and masonary work and it can not be sorted out on your own in case of panel houses and blocks of houses.

The Depron internal insulation can be used in any places and can be installed at low cost. The huge benefit of Depron thermal insulation is that because it is installed onto the wall from inside, the wall will not be unnecessarily heated, thus the application is energy efficient and environment friendly.

Depron: the energy efficient internal thermal insulation.

Depron energiatakarékos belső szigetelésThe Depron internal thermal insulation can also be applied, where the external thermal insulation can not be used. These places are:

1-2. internal insulation of outer walls of flats of houses, panel houses
3. cold separative walls (next to staircases)
4. cold basement walls
5. on “heat bridges”, cracks of mortar on the wall
6. in corners tend to be mouldy
7. at pipes to reduce heat loss
8. next to door and window frames
9. on lattice blind
10. on walls behind furniture
11. on ceilings
12. on angular walls of lofts
13. floor insulation under floor heating
14. back up insulation of hardwood floor, OSB boards, infrared heating films

The Depron does not transfer the heat. When you use the Depron thermal insulation boards as floor insulation the surface will effectively be warm and the heat is reflected back to the floor surface. Thus there is no heat loss.

Achive the passive house quality!


The Depron internal thermal insulation is hydrophobic, thus does not rot, does not mildew. It provides efficient protection against cold and humidity.


The Depron internal thermal insulation is low cost and energy efficient

Depron energiatakarékos belső hőszigetelésThe Depron is energy efficient and very economic. Low cost thermal insulation can be installed with dispersion glue onto the inner wall surface. The energy saving is significant compared to the low cost square meter price, since 6mm Depron provides the same insulation as 24mm pine, 100mm brick or 360mm concrete ceiling.

Thus the Depron internal thermal insulation is a quick pay-out investment.

Insulate your house with Depron internal thermal insulation and immediately enjoy the lower heating bills.!

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Ms.Julianna Kovacs

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